Johanne Durocher Yordan


Continuing My Mono Prints

artworkJohanne Durocher Yordan

I am working on birds but also continue my work doing mono prints. Some of the prints will be used for the papers that I need in my collage work and others will just be left as they are so that they can be matted and framed.

The prints that I use to piece into my abstract collage work have been used for the 8"x8" pieces for the Remnants series but have also used the beautiful papers for the birds. This one is one of the 42 done so far in the Remnant series, my goal is to have 100 or more pieces.

Beauty as one, #2

artworkJohanne Durocher Yordan

Progress...just a couple of things left to do. These two pieces are each 8x8 using sheet music, mono print papers that I did (then tear up for collage work, the birds in this case) and acrylic paint for the rest of the work.